Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why so many people misunderstand Written Torah?

Why so many people, especially Hebrews, do not understand the Written Torah?

The answer would be rather complex. There are different factors in play that influence how most people treat and react to the Written Torah.

First of all, religion is to blame. Judaism is a religion which requires blind faith in something that God never commanded. However, most Jewish groups claim that they follow the Written Torah down to the letter. This is of'course the false statement. Torah itself is not a religious book. It is a book of scientific truths. However, in this day and age, religious groups claim to have the authority to interpret the Torah, which turns it into something else than what was originally intended by God.

When most people see all these beautiful synagogues and churches that preach mostly what the people want to hear, it is very hard for most people to resist the temptation of organized religion, even if deep inside they know that what they are teaching is wrong. Most people a looking for a sense of community and belonging when it comes to their beliefs, so organized religion is most certainly the obvious choice. I was religious myself for several years, so I can't blame a commoner who is much more vulnerable to religious lies than someone like me.

Another reason is the truth itself. The truth is a very hard thing to accept and digest. So most people are usually reject the truth when they hear it for the first time and from a few people. Most people would rather follow the majority and sin, rather than stand up on their own and cling to the truth. We are even commanded this in the Torah in Exodus 23:2
CLV Ex 23:2 You shall not come after the many to do evil, and you shall not respond in a contention to turn aside after the many, to turn aside judgment.
And we have a special sin offering for just the cases like this - when the whole congregation sins. 
CLV Lv 4:13 If the whole congregation of Israel should err inadvertently and the matter is obscured from the eyes of the assembly, and they do something departing from any of Yahweh's instructions of what should not be done, and they realize their guilt 
CLV Lv 4:14 when the sin with which they have sinned becomes known, then the assembly will bring near a flawless young bull calf of the herd as a sin offering and bring it before the tent of appointment. 
CLV Lv 4:15 The elders of the congregation will support their hands on the head of the young bull before Yahweh, and one will slay the young bull before Yahweh. 
CLV Lv 4:16 And the anointed priest will bring some of the blood of the young bull to the tent of appointment. 
CLV Lv 4:17 The priest will dip his finger into the blood and spatter it seven times before Yahweh, at the surface of the curtain of the holy place. 
CLV Lv 4:18 And some of the blood the priest shall put on the horns of the altar of the incense of spices before Yahweh, which is in the tent of appointment. All the rest of the blood shall he pour out at the foundation of the altar of ascent offering which is at the opening of the tent of appointment. 
CLV Lv 4:19 All its fat shall he raise up from it and cause it to fume on the altar. 
CLV Lv 4:20 So he will do to the young bull just as he did to the young bull of the sin offering; thus shall he do to it. The priest will make a propitiatory shelter over them, and it will be pardoned them. 
CLV Lv 4:21 Then he will bring forth the young bull outside the camp and burn it just as he burned the former young bull. It is the sin offering for the assembly.
So, as you can see, we live in exactly such time when the entire Hebrew congregation is deeply mistaken in their ways, which causes majority of people to follow them and also sin before God. So until the Hebrew congregation realizes the error of its ways, Hebrews will stay in exile and the whole world will continue to hate them.

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