Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Water into Blood Explained

Here are couple of recent articles on this natural phenomenon. As you can see, it occurs in nature by itself.

So as you can see from the above articles, water into blood phenomenon is very common in nature. The reason why it was called a wonder in the Torah was because it was happening at the command of Moses and God. Otherwise, there was no "magic" or anything illogical or "miraculous" about it, which is why the Pharaohs scientists could replicate this phenomenon as well.

So one can say that it was not God per se who was punishing the Mizraim, it was the nature itself bloating the Mizraim out of existence.

Each human being is a biological entity and we all interconnected with each other and with nature that surrounds us (God). So if we live unrighteous lives we become out of sync with nature and it bloats us out like it did with Mizraim. This behavior is similar in all living organisms, from simple ones like a bacteria to the complex one like the humans.

So choose to live according to the Written Torah, the law that nature itself manifested in the written form for us to follow. This way you will be in sync with nature (God) and the nature (God) will protect you from harm because you are useful to it and in sync with it.

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