Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Does Torah allow (assisted) suicide?

Yes, Torah allows suicide and assisted suicide. This is because the 6th commandment does not prohibit killing, only murder, so (assisted) suicide is allowed by the Torah laws.

In fact, Moses and Aaron are the two examples that sort-of experienced this. I am not saying that Moses and Aaron have committed suicide, I am just saying that they died once their purpose in life was fulfilled.

Suicide is a very personal decision and only the person who is committing it has the right to decide and do it. 

Torah is very clear that life is precious. Torah is very clear that as long as you are alive, ANYTHING is possible and EVERYTHING can change in one second. But once you are dead - this is it. Your life is complete and there is nothing that will ever change about it. So if you are considering (assisted) suicide, please keep this important thought in mind.

Yes, (assisted) suicide can be abused but with properly implemented security procedures, the risk will be minimal. We can't deny a lot of people a chance to die with dignity just because we are afraid that it will be abused.

Who are the prime candidates for (assisted) suicide? Here are some examples:

  1. Old people who has less than a week to live and who are experiencing slow organ failure'
  2. Terminally ill people who has less than 6 month to live
  3. Other seriously ill people who are experiencing pain and suffering due to their illness.
Regardless, CHOOSE LIFE. Live as long as you possible can! Only if you know for sure that the end is near, only then you should consider (assisted) suicide option. Otherwise, I would not recommend it.

P.S. If you or someone you know are serious about (assisted) suicide, I would recommend to talk to your doctor about replacing barbiturates with opiates because I think the overdose from opiates would be better and make the whole experience less painless.

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