Saturday, June 24, 2017

The word "Moshiach" in the Torah

Let's take a look at the word "Moshiach" in the Torah. This will make it absolutely clear that the word "Ha Moshiach" (המשיח) means "the anointed one" and it refers to Aaron and his sons.
CLV Lv 4:3 If the anointed priest should sin so as to bring guilt on the people, then he shall bring near for his sin with which he has sinned a flawless young bull calf of the herd, to Yahuah as a sin offering. 
CLV Lv 4:5 Then the anointed priest, who had filled his hand, will take some of the blood of the young bull and bring it to the tent of appointment. 
CLV Lv 4:16 And the anointed priest will bring some of the blood of the young bull to the tent of appointment. 
CLV Lv 6:22 And the priest anointed in his stead from among his sons shall do it. It is an eonian statute to Yahuah. Wholly shall it be caused to fume;
And here is the summary of all forms of the root "MSH" (משח)

As you can see, the word "Moshiach" is applied exclusively to indicate Aaron and his sons (Ex 28:41). This word NEVER refers to a king or any other position mentioned in the Torah.

In fact, WE ARE PROHIBITED to use the Anointing Oil on someone else besides the Priests:
CLV Ex 30:31 And to the sons of Israel shall you speak, saying: A holy anointing oil shall this become to Me throughout your generations
CLV Ex 30:32 On human flesh of others it shall not be rubbed, and by its recipe you shall not make such as it. It is holy; holy shall it become to you. 
CLV Ex 30:33 The man who compounds such as it, and who gives any of it to an alien, he will be cut off from his people.
So what we read in NK about Anointing Oil being applied on kings is in fact a contradiction to the Torah and outright abomination to God!

So the word "Moshiach" refers exclusively to Aaron and his sons. During the Messianic Event, Aaron will re-appear and he will be anointed to become a so-called "Priestly Messiah". This is the only Messiah that is mentioned in the Torah.

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