Thursday, July 6, 2017

Are Hebrews space faring nation?

Yes. Absolutely!

The answer to this question lies in the Tabernacle. Tabernacle was designed to be mobile, so it can be transported to absolutely any place, even another planet.

In fact, Hebrews are not nomads, they are settled shepherds! Torah discusses whole complicated networks of cities that are required to keep all of the commandments of God.

This means that Hebrews will, eventually, have the technology to travel between planets, stars and galaxies. When this happens, this will happen at the command of God and with the presence of the Tabernacle that will travel with them.

P.S. It is most certain that wherever there are humans in the Universe, there can be found Torah and the Tabernacle. It would be very interesting to compare the Tabernacles on the different human planets.

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