Monday, July 3, 2017

How to find true love? How to find your soulmate?

How to find a woman or a man of your dreams? 

I've already discussed what practical solutions Torah offers, but I wanted to elaborate more on the specific situation when that advice would not work.

See this post to recall what Torah teaches about finding your soulmate. Meanwhile, I want you to check out the video below. It is a cut out from Family Guy which pretty much sums up how to find your true love.

This video, of'course, is a gross generalization, however, it is more or less correct. Finding your love is something that you CAN'T really control. If going to your kind to your motherland did not help, the only other choice you have is TO WAIT!

Yes, the only way to find a true love is to wait patiently for God to send you one. If you failed to find your love by yourself, the only other person that can help you is God. So you have to trust God with this one.

Remember, our patriarch Abraham had similar problems...He could not have children until he was very old. So what he did is he waited for God.

And what you may ask one is supposed to do while you wait? The only solution is to dedicate your time and effort toward God and Torah, toward observing all of His commandments. God helps only those who do things for Him. So while you are waiting for your soulmate, dedicate your life to God.

I know that if you are alone it may be hard to serve God, but it is the only solution that really works. So as they say, do what you can and whatever happens happens.

P.S. Of'course if you wait you may not find anyone at all, but would you rather be with someone who does not get you/does not satsify you completely?

P.P.S. Another issue maybe the less-compatible women/men trying to get into the relationship with you, so you have to be strong and you should not settle for anything less than you deserve and want.

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