Saturday, July 1, 2017

What is Yahuah in secular terms?

When you are trying to explain the concept of Torah God to secular people, here is the analogy that you can use...

Yahuah God is pretty much a coherent manifestation of the universe. Apparently, the will of the universe has a male human form which goes by the name Yahuah. Yahuah would be the name of that superintelligence or the universe that created us and which we are parts of.

If we, tiny parts of the universe are so intelligent and much so is are the bigger parts like the sun or the moon. And of'course the biggest part of the universe, God, is most certainly also intelligent and coherent.

Yahuah Elohim means literally "existing living forces", which implies that God (Yahuah) is the summary of ALL forces in the universe. This is why Elohim is a plural form. Yet God is still one though. The manifestation of God in our universe is singular. This was proven by science (Big Bang).
So all of the forces of the universe are represented by one deity - God Yahuah.

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