Friday, July 7, 2017

Who is allowed bring slaughters (offerings) to God?

Let's take a look at who is allowed to offer burnt offerings to God.

Of'course all Hebrews are definitely allowed to bring offerings to God. But who else?

Converts from Mitzrayim and Edom are allowed to bring offerings to God as well, regardless of their status.

Sojourners are also most certainly allowed to bring offerings to God. Here are the verses:
YLT Num 15:14 and when a sojourner sojourneth with you, or whoso is in your midst to your generations, and he hath made a fire-offering of sweet fragrance to Jehovah, as ye do so he doth. 
YLT Num 15:15 'One statute is for you of the congregation and for the sojourner who is sojourning, a statute age-during to your generations: as ye are so is the sojourner before Jehovah; 
YLT Num 15:16 one law and one ordinance is to you and to the sojourner who is sojourning with you.'
Only foreigners are prohibited from making burnt offerings:
CLV Ex 12:43 Yahweh said to Moses and to Aaron: This is the statute of the passover: Any son of a foreigner, he shall not eat of it.
CLV Lv 22:25 nor shall you bring near as the bread of your Elohim of any of these animals acquired from the hand of a foreigner's son. Since their ruin is in them, and a blemish is in them, they shall not be accepted on your behalf. 
CLV Dt 23:2 No foreigner shall come into the assembly of Yahweh. Even the tenth generation from him may not come into the assembly of Yahweh.
So a foreigner (nakar or mamzer) is not allowed to do the offerings, even to eat the offerings. This is because a foreigners are not part of the assembly and they are not even allowed to be a part of the assembly. In contrast, a Sojourner, even though also not part of the assembly, is considered AS assembly so they are allowed to bring the offerings.

And of'course, all of these offerings are done at the Tabernacle (Mishkan). So the Tabernacle plays important role in offerings as well.   


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