Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why do we need the Torah?

First reason why we need the Torah is because as a society we need some kind of system of rules to live by, therefore we have the Torah. Unlike other societies and nations, Torah of Hebrews contains every and all laws that are needed for society to function. I.e a constitution (10 commandments), criminal code, civil code, etc. In this way Torah is much more advanced than even US system of Laws because Torah is much smaller and never changes, which makes it much easier for each individual to remember and use.

Second and maybe more important reason for the existence of the Torah is that all humans need an undeniable source of the truth so that one would not go completely insane from the complexity of life.

This second reason is very important part of our existence because Torah give one a concise and direct answer to the questions of life: Why are we here? Who created us? What does God want from us? etc.

The Universe (God) itself created the Torah because such book is actually a part of nature. It is the most advanced way in which seemingly non-human universe communicates with us. Torah is the expression of the will of that Universe (God) so that we, humans, are aware of what it wants and so that we can live in harmony with it.

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