Friday, July 7, 2017

Why Moses could not see the face of God?

As you know from the Book of Exodus, Moses asked God to show Himself to him. Due to Moses's righteousness his request was granted and God appeared to him. Let's take a look:
CLV Ex 33:18 Now he said: Show me, I pray, Your glory. 
CLV Ex 33:19 And He said: I shall pass all My goodness before you and proclaim My name, Yahuah, before you; I will be gracious to whom I am being gracious and will have compassion for whom I am having compassion. 
CLV Ex 33:20 He also said: You cannot see My face, for no human shall see Me and live.
CLV Ex 33:21 Then Yahuah said: Behold! There is a place by Me, and you will station yourself on the rock. 
CLV Ex 33:22 So it will come to be when My glory passes by that I will place you in a fissure of the rock. And I will overshadow you with My palm until I pass by.
CLV Ex 33:23 Then I will take away My palm, and you will see My back, yet My face shall not appear.
CLV Ex 34:6 Now Yahuah passed by before his face and called: Yahuah, Yahuah God, Who is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and with much kindness and truth, 
CLV Ex 34:7 preserving kindness to thousands, bearing with depravity, transgression and sin, yet He is not immediately making innocent in order to make innocent, but visiting the depravity of the fathers on the sons and on the sons'  sons, on the third and on the fourth generation. 
CLV Ex 34:8 Then Moses hastened, bowed his head toward the earth, bowed himself down,
So, as you can see, Moses was the only person in the world to see actual God. And not even His face - ONLY HIS BACK, because no man can see God and live.

Why is that? Why can't a man see the God and live?

The answer to this is very simple. God's face represents absolute perfection. Once you would see it, you simply will not have any other reason to live because you will want to see it again and again and you will want to be a part of Him. So if a human would see God's face, a human would die. 

Even Moses, who spoke directly to God and who saw God's back, could not see the perfection of God's face and live.

This is why God's presence was in a form of a pillar of smoke/fire over the Tabernacle because this is most that regular people could handle and not die.

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