Thursday, July 6, 2017

Why Torah teaches to rely on God when looking for your soulmate?

The reason why the Torah teaches us to rely on God when looking for your other half is because this is the only rational approach in such situation. Here is why:

Even the most sophisticated, modern dating sites as this one can't match two people exactly. This is because human relationships are very complex and can't possibly be quantified by a computer/matchmaker.

In most cases, the reason why two people are together is something different from what these two people originally imagined for themselves. The reason why two people connect can't be predicted or quantified. This is why we essentially need a higher power (God) to help us solve this unimaginably complex problem that each and every one of us faces in his/her life.

Like I said in my previous posts, if going to your people and to your land did not help you to find your soulmate (your other half), then the only other rational solution is to trust God to help you with this problem. Only superior intelligence that created us can match two humans together. This is why it is important to follow and live your life by the Torah so that God would be more inclined to help with the soulmate issue.

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