Friday, October 13, 2017

Do NOT idolize the Torah!

I wanted to point out a crucial detail of the Written Torah that many people do not seem to understand.

Yes, the Written Torah is the Word of God written by God Himself (Exodus 24:12). However, this does not mean that Written Torah is more important than God! God still takes precedence over the Written Torah.

In our time, it is essential to understand that Torah, as we have it, is significantly corrupted. So what we have IS NOT what Moses had. This is one of my main arguments against believing in the Torah (text).

The other reason is that God is still more important than the Torah, even if we had the original text.

This concept is clearly illustrated in Numbers 20 - Moses's sin. Moses had the same dilemma in front of believe God or to believe the Torah...Moses chose the Torah for which HE WAS PUNISHED, NOT REWARDED!

There is a similar story in Genesis 22. Abraham had a choice between God and Torah(Genesis 26:5). He chose God, for which HE WAS REWARDED, NOT PUNISHED! A totally reverse situation to Moses's.

So as you can see, we are primarily commanded to trust and believe ONLY GOD !!! We are forbidden even to believe in (or idolize) His Torah, not to mention other writings and gods. 

What does this mean?

It means that one must rely ONLY on logic and reason because these are the qualities of God that we possess that will help us not to make mistakes in understanding the Torah. While we must follow the Torah, we must be extremely diligent and careful with the text. Especially in our time, when we do not have the original. Logic and reason are a sure proof way to interpret the Torah text.

So DO NOT turn the Torah into an idol! God still takes precedence over everything, EVEN THE TORAH!!!

Like I pointed out in my other posts, here is a great example of how the Torah text can be misleading. This example clearly shows that God (reason and logic) takes precedence over the text of the Torah. In this case, one must agree that Yom Kippur is indeed on the 8th and not the 10th, even though the text is explicit that it is on the 10th. So ALWAYS ask - why? EVERYTHING in the Torah must make sense and be logical and rational. When it doesn't...don't trust the text, trust ONLY GOD!

P.S. Religious people also tend to idolize the Torah in their own way. For example, they like to dance with the Torah in Orthodox Synagogues or kiss it or pray at it...IT IS ALL IDOLATRY, so DO NOT DO IT !!! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Full Moon 10/05/2017 (1st of Sukkot Moon)

Here is the photo of the 1st of Sukkot Holy Meeting Moon. It is a full Moon Shabbat and a Holy Meeting. I took this picture @ 5:35 AM PDT on 10/05/2017.

As you can see, the moon is a perfect circle. This picture was taken only 5 hours before conjunction. Like I said before, in the 7th month the Moon aligns perfectly with all Shabbats so you can use the Moon conjunctions to precisely determine the Shabbats. You do not need to do calculations as in the 1st month for example.

This is the Moon of the 1st of Sukkot Holy Meeting as well. It is interesting that on the 1st Holy Meeting we are commanded to dwell in Sukkah, while during the 2nd Holy Meeting (3rd quarter Shabbat) we do not dwell in the sukkah. So we dwell in the Sukkah only for 7 days, from 15th through 21st and 22nd is a Holy Meeting.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy Sukkot!

Dear readers,

I wanted to congratulate you with the beginning of Sukkot, Festival of Sukkot to be more specific.

We are commanded in the Torah to dwell in Sukkot (Shelters of Branches and Leaves) for 7 day.

Today begins 1st Day of Sukkot and today we have a Holy Meeting, as well as the weekly Shabbat.

We are commanded in the Torah to eat and drink as much as our soul desires. This Festival is pretty much a celebration of Harvest of Fruits that we use to decorate our Sukkah.

The Festival of Sukkot lasts for 7 days, from 15th of the 7th month until 21st of the 7th month. And on the 8th day we have a "Day of Restraint (from work of slavery) / Shemini Azeret" when we DO NOT dwell in Sukkah.

I will post 1st of Sukkot Moon pictures after the Holy Meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: That we are commanded to observe Sukkot ONLY in Canaan. If you are outside of Canaan, observing Sukkot is not going to be counted as commandment observance. Not to mention that we do not have the Tabernacle which is necessary for Sukkot offerings. In other words, Sukkot is a Land Commandment just like Counting of Omer.

To learn more about Sukkot, please revisit my previous posts on the subject:

Sunday, October 1, 2017

When did they change the Calendar and Yom Kippur date?

So when did the Yom Kippur date and Calendar changes have occurred?\

I did some research on this issue and I have checked all available manuscripts of the Torah. Here are the results:
  • Calendar and Yom Kippur changes have occurred during the Temples time. Most likely in the 1st Temple era because this is when the Tabernacle and Torah rituals were replaced by Solomon with the Temple cult and its foreign and different rituals.
  • For example, Kennicott shows extensive editing of the verses that talk about Yom Kippur date. Especially Leviticus 23:32.
  • All scrolls show Yom Kippur date as the 10th, so this is not a rabbinic edit like I suspected earlier. However, I still blame the rabbis for this because they did nothing to correct the Torah text.
  • It also seems that all books of NK were written after this Calendar and Yom Kippur change. Even the book of Joshua.
This is why we must use logic and reason to figure out what Torah really says and on what date is Yom Kippur.

As I have pointed out many times before, Genesis 1:14 says that Sun and Moon determine all moedim. All Holy Meetings fall on one of the Moon phases so why not Yom Kippur? Obviously original date of Yom Kippur was the 8th of the 7th lunar month. The moon falls exactly on all moedim in the 7th month, so we do not even need calculations to determine the moedim in the 7th month. This too is the indicator that the correct Yom Kippur date was the 8th.

Other arguments are: burnt offering on Yom Kippur is the same as on the 8th of Sukkot and if you search Torah for the date "eighth" you will find many references to Sin Offerings and Sin Atonement. The date "tenth" appear to be completely disconnected from the Torah and it clearly appears as a foreign change in the text.

What we are to do? Well, since there is no direct textual evidence one may argue that the 8th is not correct date. However, the issue here is not the textual evidence (and we do have some) but the issue of logic, reason and common sense. Ask yourself, does it make sense for Yom Kippur not to fall on the moon phase if all other Moedim fall exactly on moon phases? Of'course, it does not make sense. This is why I am so sure about this in the absence of textual evidence. We have a moon as the direct evidence. You can't argue with the moon. It is not there for decoration but rather to tell us when are the moedim/Holy Meetings.

All current copies of the Torah are just books, badly corrupted books, which is why we CAN'T and SHOULDN'T rely on the text of the Torah alone. We always must double check with the nature and the universe and God and see if what Torah says makes sense or not.  

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