Friday, October 6, 2017

Full Moon 10/05/2017 (1st of Sukkot Moon)

Here is the photo of the 1st of Sukkot Holy Meeting Moon. It is a full Moon Shabbat and a Holy Meeting. I took this picture @ 5:35 AM PDT on 10/05/2017.

As you can see, the moon is a perfect circle. This picture was taken only 5 hours before conjunction. Like I said before, in the 7th month the Moon aligns perfectly with all Shabbats so you can use the Moon conjunctions to precisely determine the Shabbats. You do not need to do calculations as in the 1st month for example.

This is the Moon of the 1st of Sukkot Holy Meeting as well. It is interesting that on the 1st Holy Meeting we are commanded to dwell in Sukkah, while during the 2nd Holy Meeting (3rd quarter Shabbat) we do not dwell in the sukkah. So we dwell in the Sukkah only for 7 days, from 15th through 21st and 22nd is a Holy Meeting.

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