Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy Sukkot!

Dear readers,

I wanted to congratulate you with the beginning of Sukkot, Festival of Sukkot to be more specific.

We are commanded in the Torah to dwell in Sukkot (Shelters of Branches and Leaves) for 7 day.

Today begins 1st Day of Sukkot and today we have a Holy Meeting, as well as the weekly Shabbat.

We are commanded in the Torah to eat and drink as much as our soul desires. This Festival is pretty much a celebration of Harvest of Fruits that we use to decorate our Sukkah.

The Festival of Sukkot lasts for 7 days, from 15th of the 7th month until 21st of the 7th month. And on the 8th day we have a "Day of Restraint (from work of slavery) / Shemini Azeret" when we DO NOT dwell in Sukkah.

I will post 1st of Sukkot Moon pictures after the Holy Meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: That we are commanded to observe Sukkot ONLY in Canaan. If you are outside of Canaan, observing Sukkot is not going to be counted as commandment observance. Not to mention that we do not have the Tabernacle which is necessary for Sukkot offerings. In other words, Sukkot is a Land Commandment just like Counting of Omer.

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