Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Another textual evidence in favor of Yom Kippur being on the 8th

Here is another textual evidence for you if you have not been convinced yet...

1st of the 7th Month is called [Shabbat] Shabbaton (Lev 23:24) and Yom Kippur is also called Shabbat Shabbaton (Lev 23:32).

Now, if 1st of the Month is Shabbat, then when is the next Shabbat? The 8th of'course !!!

And since Yom Kippur is Shabbat, we have no other choice but to admit that Yom Kippur should be on the 8th because the 8th is the Shabbat and the 10th IS NOT Shabbat. Neither the 10th is a Moon Phase. The 8th is a Moon Phase.

I hope now it is super clear why Yom Kippur should be on the 8th and not 10th.

Torah that we have is a BADLY CORRUPTED COPY. Torah itself IS NOT to blame. The Temple Cult and then Rabbis are to blame for these blatant changes.

P.S. The reason why the word [Shabbat] is missing from Lev 23:24 is because traditional Jewish calendar does not always have 1st of the 7th Month falling on Shabbat. This is why scribes edited this word out because they could not understand the inconsistency between what Torah says and their incorrect traditional calendar.

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