Thursday, November 9, 2017

Day of Restraint (Yom Atzeret) of Passover and Sukkot

Here is another edit I found that initially threw me off and made me think that we have to eat unleavened for 8 days. I thought the whole passages were edited. But it turns out that it was only a few verses that got changed.

The clue is in Exodus 13:6. See how it is phrased and compare it to Deut 16:8. More specifically, in Ex 13:6 it should say "seven days you shall eat unleavened and on the EIGHTH day is a day of restraint (Yom Atzeret aka Shemini Atzeret)". Day of Restraint is also mentioned as part of Sukkot. See Lev 23:36, Num 29:35.

The day of restraint (from work of slavery) happens on the 8th day!!! This is the point. And we even have a half of the original verse in Ex 13:6 and Deut 16:8.

This way, we celebrate both Feasts for 8 days, from Shabbat to Shabbat, from Full Moon to 3rd Quarter Half Moon. However, we eat unleavened and live in sukkah only for 7, from 15th through 21st.

And 22nd, Yom Atzeret, is a Holy Meeting and a Shabbat.

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