Sunday, January 28, 2018

Authority of the Levites who are not the Priests

I wanted to clarify my position about regular Levites who are not Aaronites/Kohanim.

I was initially confused about the authority of the Levites because of some of the Torah manuscripts, which say that Levites too can decide matters of the Torah.

See Kennicott Vetus Testamentum on Deut 17:9, 17:18, 18:1, 24:8, 27:9.

In these verses, some MT Torah manuscripts said "The Priests AND the Levites".

However, I found two verses that directly contradict this and which do not have similar variant readings. See Deut 17:12, 19:17 and in some ways Deut 24:8. 

So I have no other choice but to admit that only Levites who are Priests can DECIDE/JUDGE matters of the Torah.

However, according to Deut 33:8 and 33:10 regular Levites have the authority to TEACH the Torah and Priestly judgments. Deut 33:8 speaks about the entire Tribe of Levi, not just the Priests, so all Levites are eligible to TEACH the Torah.

Regular Levites CAN'T DECIDE/JUDGE matters of the Torah, but they most certainly CAN TEACH the Torah AND the Priestly Judgements as Deut 33:10 explicitly states.

This is the correct explanation of the problem.

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