Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Beware of religious Priests!

I found it necessary to point out that most Priests (Aaronites or Kohanim) are under influence of religion so they can't be trusted!


All Kohanim that I know of are under heavy influence of religion and tradition so they DO NOT have any authority to judge Torah matters. Just because one has Aaronite blood does not automatically mean that they have legitimate Torah authority.

The Priests should represent the best of the best not only physically and genetically, but also intellectually. During Moses's time, Priests possessed an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom, which is contrary to what we see in today's Aaronites.

Most of today's Aaronites were raised in a religious environment where knowledge and wisdom are heavily suppressed, so how can one expect them to be experts in the Torah?!?

Most Aaronites never even studied Torah seriously so they are most certainly NOT Torah-centric/Torah observant.

All Priests I personally know of could never explain any of their so-called "judgments" according to the Written Torah because all of them were incapable of critical thinking that is required for Torah understanding. Their judgments did not make sense and were usually reduced to "because I said so".

So DO NOT listen to Aaronites unless you know for a fact that they are truly Torah-centric and unless they can explain their rulings and interpretations according to the Written Torah only.

Authority of Torah works on logic, reason and common sense. So beware of the Priests who can't explain themselves logically, rationally and reasonably!

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