Wednesday, January 31, 2018

He is a Jealous God!

He is a Jealous God!

Have you ever experienced jealousy? Mind-numbing jealousy, jealousy that makes you mad to the point of insanity?!?

If the answer is yes, then you should understand why One God is a jealous God!

We are all a part of God. So God, real God, is getting very jealous when His part rejects him in favor of something made-up and not real. We were made in His image so He is very very jealous of us.

Jealousy is a very healthy and appropriate feeling in some situations. Torah even proscribes jealousy ritual for humans (see Num 5:11-31). 

It is normal to experience jealousy. In fact, when you are experiencing this feeling, this is exactly how God feels toward us and toward our observance of the Torah.

So do not make God jealous by serving other gods or by not observing His Torah. God is very real and He may punish you for making Him feel this way.

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