Monday, January 29, 2018

I am not religious!

I am not religious! I am not religious! I am not religious!

Perhaps saying it three times will get my message across!

I do not recognize any authority except the authority of science, reason, and logic.

I would never allow religious people to tell me how to live or how to understand the Torah! And if you value my advice and knowledge, you would be wise to do the same!

As of today, entire Torah system is completely corrupted.

Not only we do not have the correct Torah text but the Priests (Aaronites/Kohanim) and Levites are corrupted and under the influence of religion and religious impostors!

This is why the only way to know what God wants is to use science, logic, and reason. This is the only approach that is fail-proof and will prevent one from becoming a victim of religion.

I do not know of a single Levite or a Priest who uses the same approach to the Torah and God. From my direct experience, all Priests and Levites are preaching religion, which effectively disqualifies them from decision making and Torah interpretation.

In order to understand God and the Torah, one must possess a huge amount of knowledge, something that most Levites and Priests do not have as they were raised in the religious environment. So do not trust them or listen to them as they will greatly mislead you!

God and Torah are much more than these impostors are trying to preach. They want you to take Torah and everything else on faith so that they can continue to rule over you. They are leading you astray and away from God and true Torah!

The future of God and Torah is science, logic, and reason, not religion! If we want to truly understand the Creator of the entire Universe we must use His qualities and methods to do so!

Thank God that at least some people understand that religion is not real and must be dismantled to give way to the real progress of science, logic, and reason.

YOU YOURSELF ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SOUL !!! So do not let anyone tell you what to do and how properly understand God and Torah. As of today, this is the only way. Hopefully, it changes in the future, but for now, it is so.

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