Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mass-murder, genocide or the right thing to do?

Some people struggle with some of the Torah verses that talk about God commanding to kill men, women, and children of the certain nations. See Numbers 21:35, Numbers 31:7-18, Deut 2:33-35, etc.

First of all, ask yourself a question: If you knew with 100% certainty that a child would grow up to kill 6 million Jews, would you kill the child? I hope that you agree that the answer should be yes.

Yes, it is awful when women and children have to die, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to preserve the humanity. All of the commanded killings of the people described in the Torah were made to cleanse the world from pure evil. It was the nature itself bloating out these people.

Torah is very explicit that it was God Himself who authorized those killings. It was the nature cleansing itself from antagonistic parts. It was the nature (God) that wanted those people dead. They were doomed regardless of the way they were killed. Had not Hebrews destroyed them, God would send a plague or another disaster to destroy them. It was simply absolutely necessary to destroy those who were evil and against life.

God foresaw that all of these killed people would be evil and against life so He commanded to kill them. This is the evolution at its best. It was a conscientious will of nature.

So it was most certainly NOT a mass-murder, genocide or ethnic cleansing of any kind. It was nature itself killing off those who were contrary to it. It was nature cleansing and purifying itself.

So it is my absolute opinion that ALL killings described in the Torah were completely justified.

In fact, when it was possible, some of the doomed people were salvaged. For example, when Moses was commanded to smite the Midianites, he kept all virgins alive because they were not a threat to God or nature and because they could be "reprogrammed" so to speak to be good in the eyes of God.

So One God is most certainly a very just God and merciful God, and I absolutely can't accuse Him of any wrongdoing in the cases described in the Torah.
CLV Dt 18:9 When you come to the land that Yahuah your Elohim is giving to you, you shall not learn to act according to the abhorrences of those nations
CLV Dt 12:31 You shall not act thus toward Yahuah your Elohim, for every abhorrence which Yahuah hates they perform for their elohim, for even their sons and their daughters they burn with fire for their elohim. 
CLV Dt 18:12 For anyone doing these things is an abhorrence to Yahuah your Elohim, and owing to these abhorrences Yahuah your Elohim is evicting them from your presence. 
CLV Dt 20:18 that they may not teach you to act according to all their abhorrences which they do for their elohim so that you might sin against Yahuah your Elohim.

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