Friday, January 26, 2018

Realistic thickness of gold overlay of the Tabernacle

I wanted to see the possible realistic thickness of the gold overlay of the Tabernacle parts. Fortunately, there is a way to do it, which is why I wanted to try it.

Thanks to my Tabernacle Calculator it should be relatively easy.

After playing with different values, I have calculated that the maximum thickness of Gold Overlay should not exceed ~0.000037 m or ~0.037 mm.

This uses up ~29.12 Talents of Gold, which is very close to textual value.

This value is also pretty close to a minimum thickness below, which is consistent with recommended thickness for such overlay and to provide necessary wear and tear resistance.

The minimum thickness of gold overlay should be at least ~0.0000254 m or ~0.025 mm.
This uses up ~24.91 Talents of Gold, 5 Talents less than required.

Compare these values with the proposed ~0.0002 m (0.2 mm) or traditional 0.0004 m (0.4 mm) thickness proposed in this article. Almost 10 fold difference, 10 times as much Gold would be needed. I.e with 0.2 mm thickness, we would need 88.09 Talents of Gold.

This means that the most logical way to "overlay" the boards was some form of plating. Either electrical or chemical. This would also assure that everything would be shiny and reflective.

I will update my Tabernacle Calculator shortly with these values.

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