Tuesday, January 9, 2018

We are only alive today because of God's great mercy!

The only reason why all of us alive in these dark times is a great mercy of God.

Even the most observant of us are very far from the real fulfillment of the commandments of the Torah.

The biggest obstacle that we face today is the absence of the Tabernacle.

Most Torah commandments require the Tabernacle, so we can't really claim that we observing the commandments without the Tabernacle.

So our first priority should be rebuilding of the Tabernacle.

The second problem that we face is that Levites are not recognized as a legitimate Torah authority. Rabbis have enslaved and subdued the Levites and hijacked our faith. So our second priority should be the restoration of Levitical order, the only legitimate Torah authority.

So as you can see, we have a lot of problems to overcome and we are very far from achieving either one of these goals.

As you know Torah prescribes capital punishment or cut-off from the congregation for violation of many commandments. Which is why I said at the beginning of this post that we only alive because God allows us so. His great mercy for us is unbelievable.

So please do even think that God's words about capital punishment and cutting of are in vain. They are not! So we must do our best and observe the Torah commandments the best we can so as to please God for what He is doing for us.

Yahuah, One God, is truly merciful and loving God. Even in these dark times, He has not forsaken us.

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