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What do Levites get their tithes for?

What do Levites get their tithes for?

Let's take a look:
CLV Num 18:20 Yahuah said to Aaron: In their land you shall not have an allotment, nor shall a portion be yours in their midst. I am your portion and your allotment in the midst of the sons of Israel. 
CLV Num 18:21 As for the sons of Levi, behold, I give all the tithe in Israel as an allotment in exchange for their service in which they are serving, the service of the tent of appointment.
CLV Num 18:22 The sons of Israel shall not come near again to the tent of appointment to bear sin so as to die. 
CLV Num 18:23 He, the Levite, will serve in the service of the tent of appointment, and they shall bear any depravity of theirs. It shall be an eonian statute throughout your generations so that in the midst of the sons of Israel they shall not be allotted an allotment, 
CLV Num 18:24 for it is the tithe of the sons of Israel which they shall raise up as a heave offering to Yahuah which I give to the Levites as an allotment. Therefore I say concerning them: No allotment in the midst of the sons of Israel shall they be allotted. 
As you can see, just like the Priests, the Levites would be entitled to the tithes of the sons of Israel.

However, please note that the tithe was given for two things:

1) Service of the Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle)
2) A tithe was Levitical inheritance instead of the Land Allotment.

This means that even when there is no Tabernacle, all Levites (Priests included) are still entitled to the tithe of the Land produce. So as long as sons of Israel get anything from Land of Canaan, they are required to pay tithe to the Levites, even in the absence of the Tabernacle. This is not being done right now by the Hebrews who live in Canaan, which is a direct and blatant violation of the Torah.

Please note that not all Levites served at the Tabernacle. Here is what Torah says:
CLV Dt 18:6 In case a Levite should come from one of your gates, from anywhere in Israel where he sojourned, he may come with all the yearning of his soul to the place that Yahuah shall choose; 
CLV Dt 18:7 then he may minister in the name of Yahuah his Elohim, like all his brothers, the Levites, those standing there before Yahuah. 
CLV Dt 18:8 Portion for portion shall he eat, besides what comes from his sales of the fathers'  holdings.
As you can see, for Levites, serving at the Tabernacle was a CHOICE. Which is why I say that Levites were entitled to the tithe of the Land regardless of the service of the Tabernacle.

Please note that Levites were still legitimate Torah authority, regardless of their service at the Tabernacle.

The Priests, on the other hand, were required to serve at the Tabernacle. In fact, they could not even leave the Tabernacle without special procedures. 

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