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What does the Torah say about the afterlife?

What does the Torah say about the afterlife and dying?

Here is the most explicit verse I could find:
YLT Gn 3:19 by the sweat of thy face thou dost eat bread till thy return unto the ground, for out of it hast thou been taken, for dust thou art, and unto dust thou turnest back.
CLV Gn 3:19 In the sweat of your face shall you eat your bread, till your return to the ground, for from it are you taken, for soil you are, and to soil are you returning."
So prepare yourself for the inevitable.
But here is more...

Let's take a look:
CLV Gn 25:8 And expiring is Abraham, and dying in a good grey-haired age, old and satisfied with days. And gathered is he to his people. 
CLV Gn 25:17 And these are the years of the life of Ishmael: a hundred and thirty seven years. And expiring is he, and died, and is gathered to his people. 
CLV Gn 35:29 And expiring is Isaac, and he died, and is gathered to his people, old and satisfied with days. And entombing him are Esau and Jacob, his sons. 
CLV Gn 47:30 Lay me with my fathers, and carry me from Egypt and entomb me in their tomb."  And saying is he,  "I will do according to your word." 
CLV Gn 49:33 And finishing is Jacob instructing his sons, and gathering is he his feet into the couch and is expiring, and is being gathered to his people
CLV Num 20:29 the whole congregation discerned that Aaron had expired. They lamented for Aaron thirty days, all the house of Israel. 
CLV Dt 31:16 Yahuah said to Moses: Behold, you are about to lie with your fathers. Yet this people will rise and prostitute after the gods of the foreigners of the land where they are entering to be among them; and they will forsake Me and annul My covenant that I contracted with them.
As you can see, the Torah uses four words to describe death. Here they are in order:
  1. "to expire" or literally "to breathe out"
  2. "to die"
  3. "to be gathered"
  4. "to lie" or "to sleep"
As you can see, first you "breath out" (make your last exhalation). Then, you die. Then you are "gathered" onto your own people and then you "sleep" with them.

So as you can see, there is NO afterlife or heaven. Once you die, that is it!

Even Moses, the greatest prophet of them all, died and was buried. He did not go into some imaginary place.

Please check out this post if you want to know what happens at the moment of death (step #2).

P.S. A good logical example is the fact that even if there is an afterlife, you will not be aware of it anyway, much as you are not aware of any previous lives you might have lived.

Regardless, it stands to reason that most likely once you die, you start living your life again. Most likely making the same choices that you did in a previous iteration of your life. However, since the universe is flexible, it stands to reason that it is possible to change certain things in the next iterations of your life.

Once again, we simply do not have sufficiently advanced science to answer these questions properly and correctly.

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