Saturday, January 6, 2018

When does day begin? Evening or Morning?

When does the day (yom) begin? Does day begin in the Evening or Morning?

Here is a very good video that explains the problem and provides the answer.

And here is the most explicit verse from the Torah that answers the question:
CLV Gn 1:5 And calling is the Elohim the light "day," and the darkness He calls "night." And coming is it to be evening and coming to be morning, day one.

CLV Lv 23:32 It is a sabbath of cessation for you, and you will humble your souls. On the seventh day of the month in the evening, from evening until evening shall you cease for your sabbath.
So as you can see, the day begins at the evening and ends also at the evening. Very simple.

One reason why we start counting the day from the evening is because of the Moon Phases. The Moon phases, particularly the New Moon phase, begins in the evening and it is visible starting at the evening. So we have to count the day from the evening because otherwise, the Moon will be out of phase.

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