Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why God does not answer my prayers?

Why doesn't God answer my prayers?!?

The answer is rather complicated...

First of all, there are billions and billions of habitable planets in the Universe, which means that there are billions of civilizations out there. Some are more advanced, some are less advanced.

The Universe itself is even bigger... There is a gazillion of stars, planets, black holes and other cosmic bodies and objects.

So as you can see, God has A LOT to manage! Universe's size is mindboggling and incomprehensible.

This means that God is probably very very busy managing all this. 

So when you wondering why God does not answer your prayers, you have to understand that God is very very busy and can't answer all prayers right away.

In most cases, God works indirectly, which is why it may take a long time (years) for Him to answer your prayers. This means that you have to be very very patient if you want to see your prayers answered.

Secondly, because of #1, each one of us is nothing but a microbe in the eyes of God. Our individual existence is simply insignificant in the eyes of God. How much do you worry about an individual ant in an anthill somewhere in Africa?!? 

The only way to be significant to God is to do #3.

So thirdly, God only answers prayers of people who FOLLOW HIS LAW (Written Torah). God only answers prayers of those who are SIGNIFICANT to Him.

So if you do not follow and live by the Written Torah, why God has to help you? If you do not do what He wants, why would He do what you want?!?

So as you can see, not only God is very busy, it takes Him time to answer prayers of everything in the Universe due to its size and God only answers prayers of those who do things for Him (live by the Written Torah).

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