Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Can a regular Priest marry a widow?

Can a regular Priest (not the High Priest) marry a widow?

Orthodox Judaism allows the regular Priests marry a widow. But is this justified by the Torah?

Let's take a look...

Here is what Torah says about Regular Priests.
CLV Lv 21:7 A prostituting woman or a violated one, they shall not take, and a woman driven out from her husband they shall not take, for he is holy to his Elohim.
As you can see, the word "widow" is absent from this verse. This is why Orthodox Judaism interpreted this verse as a permission for regular Priests marry a widow.

Let's look further at the High Priest permissions:
CLV Lv 21:13 He shall take a wife in her virginity.

CLV Lv 21:14 A widow or one driven out or violated or prostituting, these he shall not take, but rather a virgin from his kinsmen shall he take for a wife,
First of all, please compare bold words in both passages. As you can see, the only difference in these passages is the word "widow".

At first, I thought that this passage was edited during the 1st Temple period, especially because Kennicott and DSS did not have any variant readings.

However, I realized that there is more going on than I thought at first.

Here is a key verse that explains why Regular Priests CAN marry a widow and why the word
"widow" is absent from the verse:
CLV Dt 25:5 In case brothers dwell together, and one of them dies, and he has no son, the wife of the dead one shall not come to the outside, to an alien man. Her brother-in-law shall come to her, and he will take her to himself as his wife and perform the levirate for her. 
CLV Dt 25:6 Then it will come to be: the firstborn whom she bears shall carry on the name of his father's dead brother so that his name may not be wiped out from Israel. 
CLV Dt 25:7 But should the man not be inclined to take his sister-in-law, then his sister-in-law will go up to the elders at the gate and say: My brother-in-law refuses to raise up a name for his brother in Israel; he is not willing to perform the levirate for me. 
CLV Dt 25:8 Then the elders of his city will call to him and speak to him. But if he persists and says: I am not inclined to take her, 
CLV Dt 25:9 then his sister-in-law will come close to him before the eyes of the elders, pull his sandal off his foot, spit in his face and answer and say: Thus shall be done to the man who will not build up his brother's house. 
CLV Dt 25:10 And his name will be called in Israel, House of the Pulled-off Sandal.
So it appears that Regular Priests CAN marry a widow, primarily because of the commandment to preserve died brother's name and seed in Israel. Priests can marry widows due to the levirate issue. Apparently, only the High Priest was exempt from this commandment who was explicitly commanded to marry a virgin because he is Holy to Yahuah.

And here are the auxiliary verses that support this point:
CLV Lv 21:1 Yahuah said to Moses: Speak to the priests, the sons of Aaron, and say to them: No one shall defile himself for a deceased soul among his kinsmen, 
CLV Lv 21:2 save for his kin next to him, that is, for his mother, for his father, for his son, for his daughter, for his brother 
CLV Lv 21:3 or for his virgin sister, next to him since she has not come to have a husband; for her he may defile himself.
As you can see, these verses allow a Regular Priest to defile himself for his brother, meaning that not only a Regular Priest can touch a dead brother but also marry his wife if they did not have children.
CLV Ex 22:22 Any widow or orphan you shall not humiliate. 
CLV Lv 22:13 Yet in case the daughter of the priest becomes a widow or is driven out and she has no seed and so she returns to the house of her father as in her youth, of her father's bread she may eat, yet no alien at all may eat of it. 
CLV Dt 10:18 the One executing judgment of orphan and widow, the One loving the sojourner, so as to give him bread and garment. 
CLV Dt 14:29 that the Levite may come (for he has no portion or allotment with you), and the sojourner, the orphan and the widow who are within your gates, and they may eat and be satisfied, so that Yahuah your Elohim may bless you in all the work of your hand which you do. 
CLV Dt 16:11 You will rejoice before Yahuah your Elohim, you, your son and your daughter, your servant and your maidservant, the Levite who is within your gates, the sojourner, the orphan and the widow who are among you, in the place where Yahuah your Elohim shall choose to tabernacle His name. 
CLV Dt 16:14 You will rejoice in your celebration, you, your son and your daughter, your servant and your maidservant, the Levite, the sojourner, the orphan and the widow who are within your gates.
As you can see, widows have a special status and they are not considered profaned sexually in the eyes of God. This is why Regular Priests COULD marry widows.

However, I need to point out that just because Regular Priests could marry widows, does not mean that this is ideal practice. Marrying a widow was allowed to help in situations when there is no other choice. It certainly does not imply that most Priests should be married to widows. On the contrary, most Regular Priests should marry virgins from their own people just like High Priest. So what is going on in traditional Judaism is most certainly wrong.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Does Torah command the rapist to marry his victim?

No! ABSOLUTELY NOT !!! I do not know why this is even an issue for some people? 

This rumor is based on slight inconsistency in the verses of the text in Deuteronomy. So while I understand that some people could misread the text, still it is pretty crazy to think that some people would believe that God would allow this.

Let's take a look at what text of the Torah really says:
CLV Ex 22:16 In case a man entices a virgin who is not betrothed and lies with her he shall pay, yea pay her bride-price as a wife for himself. 
CLV Ex 22:17 If her father refuses, yea refuses to give her to him, he shall weigh out silver according to the bride-price for virgins. 
CLV Dt 22:28 In case a man should find a maiden, a virgin who is not betrothed, and he grasps her and lies with her, and they are found, 
CLV Dt 22:29 then the man who is lying with her must give to the maiden's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall become his wife. Inasmuch as he humiliated her he shall not be able to dismiss her all his days.
So as you can see, in reality, the Torah states that it is up to the father of the victim to decide if she will be married off to the rapist. The woman's opinion also counts, which means that a woman must also agree with this. 

So as you can see, the rapist only commanded marry his victim if she and her father would agree to it. And as you can see from Deut 22:29, a rapist can't divorce his victim all his life.

All in all, I think Torah commands very wise and righteous things. Torah would never force a woman to marry her rapist if she does not want that!!!

P.S. I need to clarify that these verses speak about "a rape of passion" which is similar to the story of Dina in Genesis (see Genesis 34). This means that woman was not hurt during the process and intent of rape was not just sex.

So if we are talking about a forcible rape for the sake of sex which hurt the woman, then other punishments are applicable for a rapist, such as an injury for an injury and/or public lashing.

And in the worst case scenario, if a woman died because of rape, then this is not really rape but murder and blood for blood (capital) punishment apply.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

List of the Prophetic Signs

Here is the list of all legitimate Prophetic Signs that Torah provides:
  1. Sun and Moon (Genesis 1:14)
  2. Rainbow (Genesis 9:12-17)
  3. Circumcision (Genesis 17:11)
  4. Staff into Snake (Exodus 4:1-5)
  5. Leprous Hand (Exodus 4:6-7)
  6. Water into Blood (Exodus 4:9, Exodus 7:19)
  7. Frogs rising from waterways (Exodus 8:5)
  8. Lice/ Mosquitoes (Exodus 8:16)
  9. Spiders/Roaches (Exodus 8:24)
  10. Death of Livestock (Exodus 9:6)
  11. Unhealable boils on the skin (Exodus 9:10)
  12. Hail and Fire (Exodus 9:23)
  13. Locusts (Exodus 10:13)
  14. Selective Darkness (Exodus 10:22)
  15. Death of the Firstborn (Exodus 12:29)
  16. Passover Blood on the Lintels and Jambs (Exodus 12:13)
  17. Observance of the Shabbat (Exodus 31:13, 17)
  18. Aaron's Rod budding with Almonds (Numbers 17:10)
  19. Wear proper Tassels (Numbers 15:38-40)
  20. Wear of 3 Piece Tefillin (Deuteronomy 6:8, 11:18)
  21. Prophet must preach only One God and Written Torah only (Deuteronomy 13:1-3)
As you can see, there are over 20 legitimate Torah signs that Prophet can show in order to prove that he is a real prophet. There is plenty to choose from. All of these signs are natural and prove that a prophet can control nature and that he is in sync with it (with God).

Listed in bold are the MANDATORY signs. If the prophet does not show these mandatory signs, he is definitely a false prophet according to the Torah.

Please note that if a prophet shows some other sign that is not on the list, he can be a real prophet, just not Torah prophet (like Balaam), so you should not listen or be afraid of such prophet, even if he is real. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

The price of incorrect Torah interpretation

I wanted to direct your attention to one article that shows very clearly and explicitly the price we pay for incorrect Torah interpretation.
"A hot plate warmed food in the darkened kitchen in Brooklyn, allowing an Orthodox Jewish mother to feed her family while observing the Sabbath prohibition on lighting a flame. Upstairs, she and eight children slept. 
That small convenience led to the city’s deadliest fire in eight years, after flames that began in the kitchen ripped through the home, trapping seven children ages 5 to 16 in their bedrooms, as their mother and a 15-year-old sister, cloaked in thick smoke, jumped out of second-floor windows. They were the only two survivors. 
The authorities attributed the fire to an unknown malfunction in the electric hot plate, a device often used by observant Jewish families to keep food warm from sundown on Friday, the start of the Sabbath, until its end on Saturday night. Mayor Bill de Blasio arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday and walked inside the shell of the house with firefighters. “You can literally see what was a home for a large, strong family and now it’s wiped out, every room empty, burned and charred,” he said, adding: “This is a tragedy that has very few examples to look at, it’s so painful, it’s so difficult.” 
On Saturday, investigators found a smoke detector in the basement of the home at 3371 Bedford Avenue, near Avenue L, but had not found any on the first floor, where the fire started, or the second, where the family slept. They were still searching the debris.
“We believe there were none,” Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said. “That’s always a tragedy in itself.” "
This was not the first family to pay with their blood and lives for incorrect Torah interpretation and, unfortunately, they won't be last until something changes.

Most people criticize my interpretation of Exodus 35:3 because they are not smart and educated enough to think about consequences like this family had to deal with. They do not understand and they do not care. This is why religion and tradition are evil and has to be dismantled in favor of pure Torah-centric lifestyle.

Only a few people understood and thanked me for my Exodus 35:3 interpretation, which is very disheartening to me. I hope that this changes in the future and more people would see that Torah must be interpreted scientifically, rationally and logically. And we must always think about consequences that our interpretations may entail.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Torah Laws for Women

I've decided to create a page that lists all Torah Laws for women. Please check it out:

These laws are a direct responsibility of every woman and every woman should definitely follow these laws.

Women are the givers of life so they most certainly must keep themselves holy and clean.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Bits of wisdom

Do not expect others to like you, respect you and understand you because many people do not like, respect and understand themselves. How much so they can like, respect and understand you?!?

Same can be said about today's women...

Do not expect women to love you, understand you and respect you because many women today do not love, understand and respect themselves. How much more so they can love, understand and respect you?!?

God exists because we exist!

Here is a simple proof that One God exists...

One God exists because we exist!

Creation can't exist without the existence of the Creator.

Since we know for a fact that we are not the Creator, it means that we are the Creation, and since we exist, Creator must also exist.

Everything is interconnected!

Everything is interconnected!

Every single thing you see, from stones to people is interconnected and important part of nature and God!

All of us are parts of God and nature and we all interconnected together into ONE WHOLE !!!

We live on a planet which is influenced by larger objects in the Universe such as the Sun and the Moon. This is why we are commanded in Genesis 1:14 to use Sun and Moon to determine our cycle, our holy days.

Everything on the Earth is influenced by the Sun and Moon so we must take them into account.

However, the story does not end here.

Our Sun and Moon are influenced by other bodies in our galaxy such as the Black Hole which is at the center of our galaxy. We are actually flying through space at an incredible speed.

As you can see, we are just one of many millions Solar Systems that our galaxy consist of. We are one of the stars seen in this picture:

So in a way, entire Universe is a giant gearbox, where everything is connected to everything, where everything is influenced by everything, and where everything rotates around everything.

So it is important to understand that God, Torah, and the Universe is ONE WHOLE. This is why everything in the Torah should be connected to nature and the real world.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

It is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of logic and reason.

God and Torah should NOT be a matter of faith but rather a matter of logic and reason.

We can't build a stable prosperous society if our mythology is not real. This is why we must understand God and His Law from the rational and logical perspective.

It is important to note that real God and Torah is much more than religion or tradition teaches. God is everywhere and His Law is transcendent and true for the entire Universe.

Even if we assume for a second that there is no God and Torah, logic dictates that they should still exist to preserve social order and to promote life.

A good example is my correct Torah calendar which allows us to be in sync with nature and the universe. This is why I completely disagree with people who observe 7th day Shabbat which is not connected to anything and really represents a celebration of the day of the pagan deity. This is certainly not what God intended and this is not how we must interpret His Law.

Same goes for all other commandments of the Torah. We must interpret them so as to not contradict science, reason, and logic.

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