Thursday, February 1, 2018

It is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of logic and reason.

God and Torah should NOT be a matter of faith but rather a matter of logic and reason.

We can't build a stable prosperous society if our mythology is not real. This is why we must understand God and His Law from the rational and logical perspective.

It is important to note that real God and Torah is much more than religion or tradition teaches. God is everywhere and His Law is transcendent and true for the entire Universe.

Even if we assume for a second that there is no God and Torah, logic dictates that they should still exist to preserve social order and to promote life.

A good example is my correct Torah calendar which allows us to be in sync with nature and the universe. This is why I completely disagree with people who observe 7th day Shabbat which is not connected to anything and really represents a celebration of the day of the pagan deity. This is certainly not what God intended and this is not how we must interpret His Law.

Same goes for all other commandments of the Torah. We must interpret them so as to not contradict science, reason, and logic.

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