Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Concentrate on THIS life, concentrate on YOUR life!

Concentrate on THIS life, concentrate on YOUR life!

This is the best advice I can give about life.

I already explained in my previous posts that there is no afterlife. In fact, God tells us in the very beginning of the Torah that we are dust and in the dust we shall return. So the most important thing to remember is that THIS life is ALL you ever going to have. So you should do everything possible to make your life better by being righteous. You should concentrate on THIS life.

And you should also concentrate on YOUR life. You should not get distracted by the lives of others. I know that it may seem that the world is unfair and evil, but this is just an elaborate illusion and you should not succumb to this illusion no matter how tempting it may be.

Remember, punishment for evil is evil or death. I am pretty sure you do not want that. So it is very important to stick to what you know and your own life. In our time this is especially true.

Torah says, also in the very beginning, that we are capable of resisting and dominating over sin and evil, so force yourself to be righteous. I know that this is extremely difficult in our time but I am pretty sure that you know that this is true.

Always remember that God is perfectly just. So justice will surely be served. So do not make matters worse by taking justice into your own hands.

Just walk your own walk and be righteous!

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