Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Exodus 21:7-11: Undeniable reason why we need Torah-based slavery

God permits and gives us the commandment that allows one to sell one's child into slavery because God fully understands what is it like to have a house full of crying hungry children when you are broke as fuck.

People kill self and their whole family because they do not have the money even for the food for the children!

Is it not better to sell 1 daughter into righteous, just and temporary slavery, so that the other 10 children may live and not die from hunger or homicide?

Is this not ultimate mercy and humility? Is God not just?

According to the Torah, you could not sell your kind into slavery to a foreigner. You could only sell to your own kind. God perfectly understands that normal parents would never sell their daughter into permanent, unrighteous and unjust slavery. They would rather kill her. This is why God permitted to sell only to your own kind.

And God strictly prohibited even to oppress the slaves, even from the son of the foreigner, because we ourselves were slaves in the land of Mitzraim and God has delivered us from there.

This is the ultimate and undeniable reason why we need Torah-based slavery. Without it, many people are dying and will continue to die.

For many very needy people, only two logical options exist: death or slavery. And since modern society denies them proper slavery, the only other option that they have is death. Even if they choose to do nothing, it is only a matter of time when they simply forced to choose.

Torah-based slavery is the ultimate social justice system for the needy as my explanation clearly shows.

P.S. The reason why this commandment does not mention "a son" is that this commandment deals only with the issue of marriage of the slave women. We are allowed to sell our sons into slavery too and other commands in the Torah explain how it is done.

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