Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Can we restore the Tabernacle?

Can we restore the Tabernacle, especially considering verses of Exodus 25:9 and Exodus 25:40?

Yes, I think we can!

While the complete Tabernacle design was revealed directly to Moses on Mt. Sinai in a vision, this does not mean that we need Moses to rebuild it. This is because the Tabernacle was revealed, built and used before. And as Deut 29:29 clearly states that what was revealed is our forever. It can't be hidden back from us.

So while it is possible that complete rebuilding of the Tabernacle may require a prophet, I am absolutely sure that we can at least START rebuilding the structure.

I think that if God would see that we ALL want His Tabernacle and Presence in our midst, He would send us necessary guidance to do it.

I refuse to believe in the rabbinic lie that we can't do anything right now. In fact, I severely despise the rabbis for spreading this way of thinking.

Yes, rabbis have a point. Our world is really messed up. However, I do not think that waiting for Messiah is the right answer either. As I explained on my blog, if we wait for Messiah we will all die when he will come. So while it may be necessary, I simply refuse to believe in this and accept it as a solution to the problem.

Yes, the Law repeats itself because it is eternal! But I also believe that at some point it is possible to escape this endless cycle and establish permanent peace and happiness. In fact, Torah promises just that.

So it is my absolute opinion that we can do it ourselves. The only real obstacle that we have is our own desire to do it. God is NOT preventing us from rebuilding the Tabernacle!

So please help me spread the word so that we can rebuild God's Tent and fulfill the Law!

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