Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Correct list and rendering of Table of Showbread Utensils

Here is the correct rendering of all Table of Shewbread Utensils:

As you can see, I removed "spoons" from the rendering. This is very simply because you obviously do not need spoons to eat bread.

So here is the correct list of Table Utensils:

  1. קערת (korot - plates for the bread). 12 Golden Plates.
  2. כפת (kofot - forks for eating bread) 12 Golden Forks
  3. קשות (keshot - decanters/jugs for grape juice/water to fill the golden cups). At least several. I show four.
  4. מנקית (mankit - cups for libation) At least several Golden Cups for libation. I show 4.
This is the complete and correct list of Table of Showbread Utensils.

Please note that #3 (keshot) was definitely something for libation. Xref Exodus 25:29 vs Ex 37:16 and Numb 4:7. It is possible that the order of these two terms got mixed up. However, if it was indeed something not for libation it either would've been mentioned right after the "dishes/plates" for the bread or Torah would give us a purpose for this object. And we also have the Golden Cups, so it is very logical to assume that there were Decanters/Jugs to pour to these cups from. It is illogical to assume that the Cups were poured from a regular clay or glass Jug, considering that it was happening in the Holy Place.

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