Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Curses of Deuteronomy are very real!

Curses of Deuteronomy are very real!

When I first understood the curses of Deuteronomy I was literally shocked. I simply could not believe how accurate and precise Torah was at describing the times we currently live in. Not only Torah got all of it correctly, there were other curses that has not come to pass yet.

The curses can be found primarily in Deuteronomy 28+ but there is a bit in Leviticus as well.

God is really pissed off at us! Not only He cursed us but He also has chosen to hide from us (Deut 31:18 and 32:20) which is why many people question His existence right now.

I personally experienced many of these curses so I can vouch for every word that Torah says. Not only these curses are very real but they are unbelievably painful and sadistic. And the worst part is that I absolutely can't get angry at God for these curses because I understand that I fully deserve it.

These curses are also something unavoidable! God did not speak these curses in vain so they will be fulfilled completely and thoroughly. There is absolutely no escape from these curses in our time so prepare yourself if you have not experienced them yet. And if you are experiencing any of these curses right now, please stay strong, resilient and do not succumb to evil. 

So what are we to do and what lessons can we learn from this?

First of all, you must continue to observe as many commandments as you can, the best you can. There is no Tabernacle so it is not really possible to properly observe most of the commandments. However, you still must do what you can to do and observe the Law. Yes, it is mostly in vain but right now God is judging us by our intentions and understanding rather than pure compliance and precision. So, in reality, observing the commands is never in vain. If you do what you can the best you can, God will greatly lessen the effects of the curses. Yes, He is not going to remove them completely but at least He may make it bearable.

Secondly, we must accept the punishment and live with the cards we were dealt. This is the hardest part. It is very hard to understand and accept these curses. And it is even harder to live with them. Why me? Why I was born at this horrible time/place? However, if you sincerely do what you can to observe the Law, God will show mercy and lessen the effects of His curses on you.

Because of these two things, it is very important for us to return to the Law and to God and our ultimate goal should be the rebuilding of the Tabernacle. Only when we restore the Mishkan, God will turn our curses into blessings as He has promised. The restoration of the Tabernacle is our proof before God that we are ready to do what He wants completely and without any hesitation.

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