Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Where are the Aliens?

Torah is explicit that there is a more advanced form of life somewhere out there. See Genesis 6:2-4.

So where are they?

Well, statistically speaking and considering the size of the universe, there is gotta be tons of aliens out there. So logic dictates only two options...
  1. They are among us even today but they choose to blend in.
  2. They are not really interested in us and just rarely observing us from a distance because we are not advanced enough.
Both of these theories are valid and both most likely true. In fact, New Testament claims to be an account of one such alien (son of God actually) who could walk on water and do other nifty tricks. But since it contradicts the Torah, I can't say that it is a legitimate account in my opinion.

Also, today we have a few video footages of a UFOs that also may or may not be a legitimate proof.

In fact, as I discussed in my previous posts, not only sentient aliens look like us (should be almost exact human form) but some of them must have the Torah and the Tabernacle.

Torah itself states that there are at least "Sons of God", which can only mean that there is gotta be much more aliens than just His sons.

It is just the matter of time until we will encounter them on a society level. In fact, based on the Torah, we already have encountered them before, which can only mean that it only takes time until it will happen again.

P.S. There can definitely be non-human aliens (like with 5 tentacles and 10 eyes) because there are many planets that are different from Earth. However, I am absolutely certain that they would be considered animal aliens and they would be far less advanced compared to human aliens. God Himself said that we are made in His image and every other form of life is for our domination because it is not in His image. Only lifeforms in His image are considered human and thus most advanced aliens also human(oid).

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