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The picture used is my most popular image (many people liked it) so it is a popular work of art that is detailed, accurate and that will remind you of the Tabernacle - God's only chosen place of dwelling.

Tabernacle Mishkan Puzzle
Tabernacle Mishkan Puzzle by DesertTabernacle
Great for children.
This Tabernacle image is extremely detailed and accurate so your kids will not be misled about the Torah.
Low Price: $26.85 for the puzzle in the gift box.

Tabernacle Mishkan Mug
Tabernacle Mishkan Morphing Mug (NEW!!!) by DesertTabernacle
This mug is black, but the picture will appear once the liquid is in the cup.
Low Price: $34.75

Tabernacle Mishkan Fridge Magnet
Tabernacle Mishkan Fridge Magnet by DesertTabernacle
This large magnet looks great on any fridge. Recommended for fridge magnet aficionados :)
Low Price: $9.45 for 4" x 6" magnet.

Shabbat Menorah
Menorah (7 branch candelabrum). It has an unusual design, which is why I liked it. It is for tea-light candles. Looks great in any living room. Click on the picture to buy.
Low Price: $17.00

Copper Mug
Solid copper mug. This reminds me of the Laver of the Tabernacle. I use it for drinking water. Copper has natural purifying properties. This is a great mug for any household.
Low Price: $15.97

Silver Shekel of the Sanctuary (Tabernacle Mishkan)
For redemption of firstborn.
Completely deity-free and the only coin to have Torah theme.

Please note that this coin weighs 1/4 oz, which is 7.08 grams, while traditional Silver Shekel of the Sanctuary was 5 grams (1/20th of a  gerah), while traditional Jewish Shekel is 14.34g. So to redeem your firstborn you need 5 of these coins below. This will be a bit more than required but it is ok.
Silver Shekel of the Sanctuary

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