Marriage and Divorce

Torah very explicitly defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Let's take a look:
CLV Dt 24:1 When a man takes a wife and possesses her, and it comes to be that she should not find favor in his eyes, because he has found in her the nakedness of anything, then he would write for her a scroll of divorce, give it into her hand and send her away from his house.
As you can see, Torah is very clear that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Torah does not say that marriage is the union between two people or "two souls", which is why things like gay marriage are definitely not something that is allowed by the Torah.

And as you can see from the same verse, divorce requires a man to give a woman a written statement of separation (divorce), so there is no ambiguity as to the woman's status.

Another thing to understand that Torah allows polygamy but not polyamory. There is a very important difference between men and women, which is why one gender is allowed to have multiple partners. This is very correct and wise. There is absolutely nothing immoral or unethical or chauvinistic about such arrangement. See this post for more info.


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