Prophecy and Prophets

I wanted to address the very important issue of Prophets and Prophecy in the Written Torah.

First and foremost, PROPHECY HAS NOT CEASED !!! Rabbis perpetuate a lie that prophecy has ceased and there are no more prophets. This is a blatant lie !!! Written Torah is very specific that prophecy is forever and God will provide us prophets from our brothers in EVERY GENERATION !!!

The reason why most of us not aware of the prophets is because they are rare and because we treat those that are real as crazy or messing with us.

A prophet, according to the Written Torah, is a person from our brothers, who lives according to the Written Torah and preaches ONLY Written Torah. A prophet, according to the Torah definition, is not just a person who can predict the future, but rather a person who predicts the future Torah events according to the Written Torah. 

Here are simple rules to the Prophets and Prophecy that Written Torah dictates. You can find explicit verses about Prophets and so-called Prophet Test in Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and Deuteronomy 18:15-22.
  1. The Prophet must speak in the name of Yahuah. If a prophet speaks in the name of other gods (i.e Son of God mentioned in NT), he is most certainly a false prophet.
  2. The Prophet must NEVER CONTRADICT WRITTEN TORAH. Prophet CAN'T PREACH ANYTHING BUT THE WRITTEN TORAH. If the prophet is preaching some other book than the Written Torah (i.e Talmud, New Testament or Books of Prophets), he is a false prophet.
  3. PROPHET AND PROPHECY MUST BE VERIFIABLE !!! Prophet MUST SHOW A WONDER OR A SIGN FROM THE WRITTEN TORAH !!! If prophet can't do a wonder or a sign, he is a false prophet!!! If the prophet shows the sign that IS NOT FROM the Torah - he is most likely a false prophet. Examples of the Torah signs and wonders would be the moon phases or a staff into a snake or a water into blood. Most likely false signs examples would be water into wine or getting valuables. So if the sign is not from the Torah it is the false prophecy. Torah itself document a case of Balaam who was a prophet and could do signs but who was a non-Torah/non-Hebrew prophet.
  4. Prophecy CAN'T BE IN THE WRITTEN FORM IF THE PROPHET IS DEAD. This is because this would make such writing a prohibited addition to the Torah (Deuteronomy 4:2) and it would not allow us to verify the prophet because he is dead already. If prophet dies, we can't verify him anymore and can't consider him authentic anymore.
  5. Prophet MUST KNOW WRITTEN TORAH at least as well as you do!. If the Prophet does not know the Written Torah and can't explain his prophecy according to the Written Torah - he is a false prophet! Deuteronomy 13:4-5 is teaching us that the prophet MUST NOT cause us to do anything other than what is written in the Written Torah.
That is it !!! Once again, if Prophet or Prophecy does not follow ALL of these rules, it is a false prophet and prophecy !!!

Here is the example of what may be a possible prophecy. If I am correct in my theory about Yom Kippur date, this may be a legitimate prophecy because it satisfies all Torah requirements above. This is definitely a low-level prophecy. However, the main reasons why this prophecy may be legitimate is three things: there is a sign from the Torah, there is a prophecy about the Torah and there is the explanation according to the Written Torah.

Please note that ALL OTHER BOOKS OF THE BIBLE ARE PROHIBITED ADDITIONS TO THE WRITTEN TORAH (DEUT 4:2) !!! NK, Talmud of the Rabbis and the New Testament are all prohibited additions to the Written Torah !!!



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