Rabbinic lies

I've decided to create a list of all lies that Rabbis and other religious leaders feed to the unsuspecting public. These lies a prevalent in EVERY sect of Judaism. It does not matter if it is Rabbinic Judaism or Karaite Judaism or Samaritan Judaism, the lies are pretty much the same. This is because rabbis do not want to give up power and authority that they have seized from the Aaronites(Kohanim), the true Priests of God. They do not want Hebrew people returning to the true Torah because it would put them out of business.

I hope this list will give you the big picture of what is going on in Judaism and with Hebrews. Here are top 15 most common lies:
  1. Books of NK (Neviim and Ketuvim) lie. These books are not divine and completely made up and often contradictory to the Written Torah. They were declared holy, and therefore they are a clear addition to the Torah and violate Deuteronomy 4:2. The only Law is the Written Torah! That is it!
  2. Oral Torah lie. Talmud was not given at Sinai. This is obvious to any rational person who would know that Talmud was written by men by 200 CE. It is most certainly not divine, and since it was also declared holy as NK, it is a clear addition to the Torah (Deut 4:2). The only things that Moses received at Sinai were the Stone Tablets with the 10 commandments and a scroll of the Written Torah WRITTEN BY GOD HIMSELF !!! (See Exodus 24:12, 32:32)
  3. Rabbis, Hakhamim, Church Priests, etc. are impostors! They illegitimately seized power from Levites 2000 years ago and continue to rule over Hebrew people ever since. This is why we are still in exile, and entire world hates us! ONLY Levites (more specifically, the Priests) can interpret the Torah and lead the Hebrew people! See this page.
  4. Maternal lineage lie. Written Torah defines lineage ONLY BY THE FATHER !!! See Exodus 6:15, Numbers 1:2. Thanks to the rabbis we now do not know who is who because they have been determining the lineage by the mother for over 2000 years. Therefore, many Hebrews are not really Hebrew, and many non-Hebrews have Hebrew blood.
  5. Shabbat lie. Original Shabbat was determined by the Sun and the Moon as Genesis 1:14 states. 7th day Shabbat is a Babylonian concept and IS NOT in the Torah. 7th day Shabbat is wrong because Solar and Lunar years are not divisible by 7. Not to mention all the prohibitions that rabbis made up for Shabbat that are not originally found in the Written Torah.
  6. Calendar in general lie. Correct Hebrew calendar was determined by the Sun and Moon (See Gen 1:14). My article describes original Torah calendar. Current Hebrew calendar (Hillel II calendar) is most certainly made up and has absolutely nothing to do with the Torah!
  7. Yom Kippur lie. To prevent gentiles knowing true Torah and atoning for the sins, rabbis have conspired to change the date of Yom Kippur in the Torah. Correct Yom Kippur date is the 8th of the 7th Lunar month, not 10th!!! This is one of the more significant lies because rabbis actually started believing their own lie too. Therefore they made Hebrew people err significantly!
  8. Prophecy and Prophets lie. Rabbis are claiming that prophecy has ceased and there are no more prophets. This is a blatant lie, and Written Torah is explicit in telling us that not only prophecy has not ceased and is available in EVERY GENERATION, but the prophets are regular people from our brothers. See Deuteronomy 18:15 for example. So listen carefully to those who teach Written Torah. They may be legitimate Prophets or those who have the spirit (Ruach) of Yahuah upon them.
  9. Noahide Laws lie. Rabbis say that gentiles can't follow the Torah and can only follow the so-called "Noahide laws." This is most certainly a lie, and we are explicitly told in the Torah on many occasions that we are to have ONE LAW for us and the sojourner (ger - non-Hebrew). See Exodus 12:49, Numbers 15:16, 15:29. Sojourners who are willing to live according to the Written Torah have almost the same rights as Hebrews and are required to follow THE ENTIRE WRITTEN TORAH just like Hebrews.
  10. Dietary Laws lie. The rabbinic system of kosher food is seriously flawed because it is not Torah based. For example, Torah NEVER commands to separate milk and dairy or have separate dishes for these foods.
  11. Temple and Jerusalem lie! Temple and/or Jerusalem are NEVER MENTIONED in the Written Torah! Only Tabernacle is mentioned. Tabernacle is said to be "Chukat Olam" (eternal commandment) and forever. Levites are to serve ONLY in the Tabernacle FOREVER! Levites would be entitled to tithes ONLY for service AT THE TABERNACLE !!! The Tabernacle is true PERMANENT AND ONLY sanctuary of God. So stone Temple and Jerusalem are the absolute lies and a made up story. The "place" that the Book of Deuteronomy is talking about refers to the place of THE TABERNACLE, which could be ANYWHERE, among Hebrew tribes! See this page.
  12. Wait for messiah lie! Rabbis realized that their own system is flawed and will never work. However, they would never confess that they have erred and lied to Hebrew people for so many years. Therefore, they have invented a lie that states that situation is so bad that we have to wait for Messiah to correct everything. This is the ABSOLUTE LIE !!! This is the thinking of cowards and liars who do not want to take any responsibility for their actions! In fact, Written Torah clearly states that generation of Messiah died in the desert! Coming of Messiah means another Holocaust for the Hebrews!!! This is what rabbis have prepared for us, and this is where they are pushing us. This is why we MUST stop this kind of thinking and RETURN TO GOD and His WRITTEN TORAH !!! WE MUST NOT WAIT FOR MESSIAH; INSTEAD, WE MUST DO IT OURSELVES !!! This is the only way to avert another disaster, another Holocaust that awaits us, and to stop all hate and anti-semitism that is going on right now.
  13. The Afterlife lie. Rabbis have created a lie that if you follow their perverted traditions, you will get into heaven (what they call Olam Haba - a world to come). This is the absolute lie. There IS NO afterlife, period! Once you die - that is it. This is why Written Torah teaches us to live THIS life the best you can and as righteous as you can.
  14. Tithing lie. Only Levites are allowed to receive a tithe, but only if they serve at the Tabernacle and preach only Written Torah. Church Priests and rabbis who collect a tithe are blatantly stealing from you and from the Levites.
  15. Infallibility of the Written Torah text lie. Rabbis have perpetuated a lie that Written Torah that we have is exactly the same as Moses received on Mt. Sinai. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE, and the text of the Written Torah is significantly corrupted! This is why one should use logic and reason to interpret the Written Torah as the text can be misleading. See lie #7 for example. Samaritan Pentateuch, Dead Sea Scrolls and even translations such as Septuagint clearly show that the text of the Written Torah can't be trusted due to significant changes over the millennia. This is why Rabbis and other leaders do not want you to know about Samaritan Pentateuch and other sources of the Torah as it would destroy their lie. Also, Rabbis lie about the number of letters and words in the Masoretic Torah text. They claim that it is exactly the same in all Torah scrolls. This is a lie, and you can see the truth on my NIP project web site.
  16. Rabbinic theocracy or Zionism in Canaan lie. Rabbis say that these are the only systems that will work in Israel. This is a huge lie! The only system that will work in Canaan is the Written Torah system! 10 commandments should be the constitution of the Land of Canaan and Written Torah its only, unchangeable and eternal Law of the Land! Only then there will be peace in the land, and only then we will be able to defeat our enemies!  

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