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This is what rabbis (Pharisees) do not want you to know! They do not want you to know about the true sanctuary of God - the Tabernacle - Mishkan! If Hebrew people would remember and rebuild the Tabernacle, God again would dwell in our midst, which would put rabbis out of power and control. And they definitely do not want that!

Tabernacle is said to be forever and "chukat olam" (eternal commandment). All rituals were performed in the Tabernacle and Levites were to serve FOREVER in the TABERNACLE!

Therefore, please consider the software below carefully, as it gives you a rare chance to find out the real truth and see the ONLY sanctuary of Yahuah, our God!


Here is the most updated 3D model of the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle Explorer 3D is retired because I can't support or update it anymore. The software is still available below but it is not precise anymore. See the online model below for most up-to-date model.

==========OLD MODEL========

How to use:

There is no need to install anything! Just download and save to any folder of your choice, then run it. Make sure that you do not run it directly from the download window, otherwise, it may not start.

The software has very humble system requirements, so it should work on most computers. If possible, please report any problems/bugs with the software in the comments on this page so that I can fix them.

The program has the following notable features:
  1. Precise and extremely detailed 3D model of the Tabernacle.
  2. Real-time shadow calculations based on the Sun position, so that you can study the Courtyard.
  3. Interactive Pillar of Smoke and Pillar of Fire that covered The Tabernacle
  4. Interactive Entrance Curtains (i.e Curtains of the Gate of the Courtyard, Entrance and Inner Curtains of the Tabernacle.) This is to showcase how they worked.
  5. Couple of other nice little things ;)
  6. Stereoscopic 3D modes, so that you can study The Tabernacle in real 3D.
Here is the demo video:

Attribution and Copyright Information
You free to use this software for any non-commercial and/or educational purpose. However, you cannot sell and modify the software, and you must provide attribution.
Blender Community
For Blender 3D, support and misc. source code.
martinsh of
For nice fire FX.
For tutorials, scrips and misc. code.
pepius of
For UV Scroll script.
Kevin MacLeod
For the music.
Stephen Johnston of and David Williams of
For the audio narration of the KJV translation of the Bible.

This software and models are based on the layout shown below:

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