One of the Torah commandments requires all Hebrews to donate a tithe of all the produce of the Land to Levites and Kohanim. Let's take a look at what the text says:
CLV Lv 27:30 As for all the tithe of the land, of the seed of the land and of the fruit of the tree, it is Yahweh's; it is holy to Yahweh. 
CLV Lv 27:31 And if a man should redeem, yea redeem any part of his tithe, a fifth of it shall he add to it. 
CLV Lv 27:32 All the tithe of the herd and the flock, all that passes under the club, a tenth shall become holy to Yahweh; 
CLV Lv 27:33 he shall make no quest between good and bad nor substitute for it. And if he should substitute, yea substitute for it, then it has become holy; both it and its substitute shall be holy. It may not be redeemed. 
CLV Lv 27:34 These are the instructions with which Yahweh instructed Moses for the sons of Israel on Mount Sinai.

CLV Num 18:20 Yahweh said to Aaron: In their land you shall not have an allotment, nor shall a portion be yours in their midst. I am your portion and your allotment in the midst of the sons of Israel. 
CLV Num 18:21 As for the sons of Levi, behold, I give all the tithe in Israel as an allotment in exchange for their service in which they are serving, the service of the tent of appointment. 
CLV Num 18:22 The sons of Israel shall not come near again to the tent of appointment to bear sin so as to die. 
CLV Num 18:23 He, the Levite, will serve in the service of the tent of appointment, and they shall bear any depravity of theirs. It shall be an eonian statute throughout your generations so that in the midst of the sons of Israel they shall not be allotted an allotment, 
CLV Num 18:24 for it is the tithe of the sons of Israel which they shall raise up as a heave offering to Yahweh which I give to the Levites as an allotment. Therefore I say concerning them: No allotment in the midst of the sons of Israel shall they be allotted. 
CLV Num 18:25 Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying: 
CLV Num 18:26 As for the Levites, you shall speak and say to them: When you take from the sons of Israel the tithe which I give to you from them as your allotment, then you will raise up from it as a heave offering to Yahweh, a tenth of the tithe.
CLV Num 18:27 Your heave offering will be reckoned to you like the grain from the threshing site and like the fullness from the wine vat. 
CLV Num 18:28 So shall you also raise up the heave offering of Yahweh from all your tithes which you take from the sons of Israel; and from it you will offer the heave offering of Yahweh to Aaron the priest. 
CLV Num 18:29 From all your gifts you shall raise up the whole heave offering of Yahweh of all its best, its hallowed part, from it. 
CLV Num 18:30 And you will say to them: When you raise up its best from it, then it will be reckoned to the Levites like the yield of the threshing site and like the yield of the wine vat. 
CLV Num 18:31 And you may eat it in any place, you and your households, for it is your hire, in exchange for your service in the tent of appointment. 
CLV Num 18:32 You shall not bear sin on account of it when you have raised up its best from it; thus you do not violate the holy things of the sons of Israel, nor shall you die. 
CLV Dt 12:17 You cannot eat within your gates the tithe of your grain, of your grape juice and of your clarified oil, neither the firstlings of your herd and your flock nor any of your vow offerings which you shall vow, neither your voluntary offerings nor the heave offerings of your hand. 
CLV Dt 12:18 But rather you shall eat it before Yahweh your Elohim in the place that Yahweh your Elohim shall choose, you, your son and your daughter, your servant and your maidservant and the Levite who is within your gates. Then you will rejoice before Yahweh your Elohim in every undertaking of your hand. 
CLV Dt 14:22 You shall tithe, yea tithe all the yield of your seed which is coming forth from the field year by year. 
CLV Dt 14:23 You will eat before Yahweh your Elohim, in the place where Yahweh your Elohim shall choose to tabernacle His name, the tenth of your grain, your grape juice and your clarified oil, the firstlings of your herd and of your flock, that you may learn to fear Yahweh your Elohim all the days. 
CLV Dt 26:12 When you conclude tithing all the tithe from the yield of your land in the third year, the year of the tithe, and you have given to the Levite, to the sojourner, to the orphan and to the widow, that they may eat within your gates and be satisfied,
First of all, a tithe IS NOT MONEY !!! It is the produce of the land !!!

Secondly, a tithe is given to the Levites ONLY!!! Rabbis or church priests are ineligible to receive a tithe.

Last, but not least, the seeming contradiction between the Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy can be resolved very easily. The tithe mentioned in Deuteronomy is the redeemed tithe. And it is only a tithe of the land, not herd. See Leviticus 27:30-33. So if you redeem your tithe of the land, you can eat it but ONLY AT THE TABERNACLE !!!

Here is the video that repeats the points above:

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