Torah Laws for Women

This section is dedicated to the Torah Laws for women. It is the women who are responsible for observing these laws, so all women should study and try to understand and do these laws.
  1. Menstruation Separation Laws (aka niddah laws). See Leviticus 15:19-24
  2. Vaginal Bleeding Separation Laws. See Leviticus 15:25-33
  3. After Sex Washing Laws. See Leviticus 15:18
  4. After birth Separation Laws. See Leviticus 12
  5. Anti-prostitution Law. See Lev 19:29, Deut 22:20-21, Deut 23:17-18
Unfortunately, some of these laws require the Tabernacle just like most other laws, so until the Tabernacle rebuilt you should do what you can to observe these laws. Definitely washing oneself and not having sex when it is prohibited is something that you can do even in the absence of the Tabernacle.

Women are the givers of life so they must keep themselves and their reproductive system healthy and holy as it is needed to produce a healthy and happy offspring. This is why these laws are very important for all women to follow.

I will soon expand this section with more laws that are applicable to women.


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