What is the Written Torah?

Written Torah, also known as Pentateuch, 5 books/Law of Moses, Chumash, is the Law of the Living God, Yahuah, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Singular Creator of the Universe.

Written Torah is NOT A RELIGIOUS BOOK! Written Torah DOES NOT preach any religion. Religion is evil, people.

Written Torah is the book of absolute truths and scientific observations of the world that describes humanity's origins and past, as well as the laws that God set for humans (not just Jews) to live by. It is very easy to read, and even a child is capable of understanding the plain meaning of the text.

It is basically the "instruction manual" of sorts to life and a textual proof that One God exists and is the creator of the Universe. What did you expect? What kind of explanation would be sufficient? What kind of proof of God do you want?

Your coffee-maker comes with a manual, so why not the World?

So of'course, the book format would be ideal for a human. Our ability to read, write and say words is what separates us from animals.

This is why Written Torah answers all questions about God - why, where, who, how, e.t.c. Written Torah is the ultimate proof of God. In fact, as I have described in one of my articles, the hardest part is not to believe in(existence of) God and the Torah (it is axiomatic and pretty simple) but rather to BELIEVE GOD (obey Him, His commandments, His judgments, what He gives you, e.t.c).

The only other proof that God exists was the manifestation of God as the pillar of smoke/fire above the Tabernacle, which is why we need to restore Tabernacle immediately so we can see the proof with our own eyes. Tabernacle is said to be the eternal dwelling of God in all generations.

The reason why one should follow Written Torah ONLY is that everything else is redundant to the Written Torah if you are living by it. This is why I reject the books of Prophets from the Hebrew Bible. I reject the prophets because they are unverifiable at best and because I am already living by the Written Torah so these prophecies are redundant and not applicable to me. Usually, prophecies apply only to those who do not follow the Torah. To those who follow the Written Torah, prophecies are redundant.

Written Torah is the only unifying factor between all Jews of the world, which is why all Jews must live only by the Written Torah and put away everything else, which is a clear addition to the Written Torah and the source of disagreement and misunderstanding of the Torah.

Please note that Written Torah is very different from other books of the Bible because Written Torah and 10 commandments were written by Yahuah, our God, Himself (Exodus 24:12, 32:32), whereas the other books of the Bible are unquestionably man-made works that sometimes even contradict the Written Torah. This is the most fundamental difference between Written Torah and other books of the Bible.

Written Torah is the conscientious desire of the universe in a book form that is understandable to humans. It is Nature itself communicating to us its will. It is nature (God) who wrote the Torah so that we can live in sync with Him, with nature and the universe. If we, tiny parts of the universe are so intelligent, how much more so are bigger parts, like planets, stars and galaxies? Everything in the universe, including humans, is interconnected so we must live in sync with it. Otherwise, the universe will destroy us like you would a tiny annoying bug.

This is why we are explicitly commanded by the Torah in Deuteronomy 17:18-20, 28:58, 28:61, 29:21, 30:10 that we are to obey ONLY what is written in the SCROLL OF THE WRITTEN TORAH !!! NOTHING ELSE!!!

Here is the proof that Written Torah is the absolute truth:

Just looks at the 10 commandments... Can you deny that murder is wrong? Can you deny that stealing is wrong? Can you deny that there is only one God (this one has been proven scientifically - Big Bang)? Can you deny that every human being needs 1 day in a week for rest from work? Of'course not! This is why 10 commandments are absolute truths.

Since 10 commandments are true, it means that by transfer principle all other Written Torah commandments are true, because all Written Torah commandments are based on the 10. Ten commandments were spoken to everyone at Mt. Sinai by God, God Himself wrote it on the stone tablets, they are explicitly called "the covenant" in the Written Torah, they were separated from the rest of the Torah and put in the Ark of the Covenant.

As you can see from this logic, Written Torah is absolute truth and indeed the Word/Law of One God. This is not surprising, considering that Written Torah was written by God - a perfect singular infallible almighty being. God couldn't have lied to us because it would destroy His holiness, His perfection, so the Laws of the Torah were created to be in harmony with nature and the universe.

Written Torah is the ETERNAL LAW, which means that it does not need to be modified and it does not get outdated. Written Torah is not a precedent law as we have in the USA and other countries. Because of this, Written Torah can be interpreted to fit anytime, any era, any human need at all times for all eternity.

Please note that Deuteronomy 4:2 prohibits any written additions to the Written Torah if they were declared holy/Torah/from God. So all other books of the Bible and Talmud of Rabbis are in violation of the Torah.

Last, but not least, the social system described in the Written Torah is the ONLY existing social system that is not subjected to political, economic or social crises. This is the only system that works well for all human needs as well as keeping such society in tune with the universe and God. Written Torah is the ONLY non-utopian social system that actually works!

Written Torah is Jew's only proof of being chosen people. Written Torah is Jew's only proof to the land of Canaan(Israel). This is why Written Torah can never be considered outdated. Otherwise, the definition and claims of Jews become outdated. We lose our identity.

Written Torah came to us as three independent texts: Masoretic Text, Samaritan Pentateuch, and Dead Sea Scrolls (Qumran Scrolls). So please read all three before making any conclusions in your Torah study. The link to all three witnesses is on top of the front page in red.

Please also note that all witnesses we have have been heavily edited by the rabbis to fit different agendas of the eras, therefore the text can't be trusted. So use logic and critical analysis to make conclusions. Otherwise, you will be misled by the text.

Here are some Torah statistics if you are interested, as well as all available witnesses of the Torah. https://sites.google.com/site/interlinearpentateuch/bible-statistics

Here are the links to the audio recording of the entire Written Torah:


These recordings contain correct pronunciation of the Name of God - Yahuah.

We are required to listen to the entire Written Torah before the Shabbat year on Sukkot! See Deuteronomy 31:10-13.

And here is Shofar that you need to listen to every Shabbat and Holy Meeting:

So if you want to benefit most from the Written Torah and from God, please just follow and live by the first 5 books of the Bible - The Written Torah.

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